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Google and Yellow pages logo images.

Today is the first day in our new office, so thanks to all our clients who have made this possible for Umbrella Creative.

I had a really nice lady come in this morning, from Sign Sculpt Sumner park, and quote us on getting the new office signs done out the front of the office.

We got to chatting about the lack of “use” that the yellow pages offer people these days, well in the term “use” I mean what they are meant for, I recently gave mine away with a motorbike I sold, so the guy could use it for a wheel choc in his van…

Anyway, people just don’t use them for their purpose and this is okay, I think that Yellow pages realised that this would happen soon enough, that is why they broke into the online medium back in 1994, not long after the internet really took off. (according to the Wikipedia listing).

I am sure they saw the internet as a potential threat for future times ahead.

So in saying this, Google, Yahoo, Bing and more are the leaders today, in the way we search for the business’s we require services from.

Really just ask anyone, “how do they look for any particular topic they need answers for ??” I am pretty sure you will get the answer “just Googled it” or “Google it”, Microsoft is trying to get there too, though let’s be honest saying i “Binged it” really doesn’t sound right :p

Online advertising would have to be the cheapest most effective medium for your business today, don’t be afraid, your business will love you for it.

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