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In our previous post we shared a rather interesting video on the issues and lack of results brought on by Facebook advertising, this is becoming more and more relevant with the algorithm changes made at Facebook HQ in the “interests” of Facebookers.

As most companies try to get on top of all platforms in this very social and media-savvy age we live in, are we, in fact, making the right choices when it comes to the way we advertise?

Well, the answer for most is in fact no! astonishing it may seem and I’m sure that allot of social media marketing companies are shaking their heads at this claim, but do they truly have your best interests at heart, your companies interests?

Video advertising, on the other hand, is a great form of advertising, and on that note a very rich form of media to advertise apart from Facebook’s 20% content rule on any images that you use in Facebook “boost post” Advertising. Please take a look at the very informative video below, and I challenge you to form your own opinion and thoughts on the matter.

Are your results speaking the truth for your business? with regards to your social media advertising budgets.


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