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Man shows off new Hyundai advertisement for ecommerce web design Brisbane.

Hyundai’s new marketing strategy to hypnotise you is sure to be a hit!

Hyundai is running out a marketing tactic that would actually be illegal air on tv, though it sure does sound fresh.

The Hyundai car company has brought in the world number one hypnotist Peter Powers to hypnotise willing participants in an online experiment with the intention to promote Hyundai’s new i30 hatchback.

Video Statement: “Professional hypnotist Peter Powers will let you experience a unique online hypnosis experiment. An experiment that would be extremely illegal to broadcast on TV. None of the participants in this trailer are actors and the hypnosis is 100% real.”

Due to the video being broadcasted via an online medium, Hyundai does not expect it to work on everyone, though from some inside information it will not be hard to miss the ones that it does work on!

Make sure you keep an eye out for some strange goings-on around Hyundai dealerships around the globe.

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