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Logo Design Brisbane

Anyone can hit record , but are you getting the right message to your end user and getting actual qualified leads from your pro videography Brisbane content ? We help refine your message and make it look good!

Lets get your branding looking MINT!

Give us a call on 07 3040 1114 or feel free to fill in the form below with your details for one of our creative geniuses to be in touch. We respond REALLY FAST during business hours!

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Logo Graphic Design

Your logo is one of the essential components of branding your business.

When you think about the most iconic brands in the world, their logo design is something that you can instantly summon to mind.

We all know Nike’s swoosh and Apple’s apple. Instant recognition is the real power of logo design.

The word logo derives from the mid-19th Century word logogram, which is defined as a “sign or character representing a word”.

A logogram, in turn, was a combination of the Greek words logos – meaning “word”, and gram – meaning “something written or recorded in a certain way”.

So – your logo is a word, graphic or symbol that represents your company, your business or you.

Is My Logo My Brand?

No, it’s not. Well, not entirely anyway.

Your brand includes your logo. It also involves a range of other elements vital for making an impact.

In simple terms, your brand is a combination of how you define and promote yourself and how others view you.

Since how others perceive is a part of your brand, you never have complete control over it. That said, you can, and you should control as much of your brand as you can. That’s where we come in. 

Take charge of the visual aspects of your branding with business logo design Brisbane wide. Speak to a professional logo designer, call Umbrella Creative today to get started.

Whats is all worth ?

Our Pricing

We have broken our logo packages into plans to suit all budgets and or startup businesses
  • Say Hi
  • $ 449 /ea
    • Up to 1 hour session
    • 1:00min rendered video
    • 1080p end resolution
    • Basic logo and contact start
  • You Got This!
  • $ 650 /ea
    • Up to 2 hour session
    • 2:00min rendered video
    • 1080p end resolution
    • Logo intro and titles
  • Super Star
  • $ 750 /ea
    • Up to 2 hour session
    • 3min rendered video
    • 4k end resolution
    • Logo intro and titles
  • Custom
  • $ 1000+ /ea
    • Session time may vary
    • Video time can be unlimited
    • Up to 4k rendered footage
    • Motion graphics +more

We think you need to be heard!

20 years ago yellow pages was the go to for most businesses. Now you have the power to have your own media channel at a fraction of the cost, in comparison to  back in the day to actually be seen on a network for only a few slots between your favourite TV show. Youtube and the likes gives you the power to keep keep on rolling and be live and heard. #beyourowntvnetwork

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